Month: June 2012

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Also known as: The Scottsman, Spirits In The Morning, Whiskey ‘Fore Breakfast, Whiskey For Breakfast, Whisky Before Breakfast. This is the version in the Tractor Tavern book: Download: Compressed MusicXML Here’s Dan Levenson’s version from Old-Time Festival Tunes: Download: Compressed

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The Portland Collection(s)

The Portland Collection, by Sue Songer and Clyde Curley The Portland Collection is three books (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3) and three companion recordings collecting contra dance tunes as played in and around Portland, OR. One of the recordings,

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Tractor Tavern Fiddle Tunes

The Complete Fiddle Tunes I Either Did or Did Not Learn at the Tractor Tavern, by Gene Silberberg From the preface: “This collection contains the tunes in the original Fiddle Tunes I Learned at the Tractor Tavern and 93 Tunes

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English, Welsh, Scottish & Irish Fiddle Tunes

English, Welsh, Scottish & Irish Fiddle Tunes, by Robin Williamson I played violin in middle school, and was signed up for lessons with a classical violinist who taught many fine orchestral violin players. She was clearly scandalized when I brought

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New England Fiddler’s Repertoire

The New England Fiddler’s Repertoire, by Randy Miller et al. This book of contra dance tunes as played in New England was one of the first two books of fiddle tunes I bought. I wish I still had my first

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David Brody’s Fakebooks

The Fiddler’s / Guitar Picker’s / Banjo Picker’s / Mandolin Picker’s Fakebook, by David Brody   The Fiddler’s Fakebook was one of the first two books of fiddle tunes I bought. The edition I have is bound with a plastic

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