Month: August 2012

Tune Wishlist

I’ve had my copy of The Fiddler’s Fakebook since 1989, at least. I hadn’t opened it much in the last 20 years, but when I started playing again I noticed that I’d made marks in the index of the book.

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Shady Grove

This one comes from Allen Hart’s banjo class at Dusty Strings. There are a ton of versions of Shady Grove out there, and we’re starting from Allen’s banjo tab, so I’ll probably have to figure out a good fiddle version

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2012/08/12

I just got back from the old-time jam at Dusty Strings, and before I forget I’d like to list as many of the tunes we played there as I can remember (for the first half hour) or hear the names

Slow Jam, August 18, 2012

It’s the second Slower Than Dirt Old-Time Jam! We’ve shifted the time by an hour, so it’ll be from 2-5 instead of 1-4. We’re still at the Lake City Library, though. At the last jam, folks were interested in playing

52 Tunes From Fiddle Hell

Fiddle Hell is “an informal gathering of fiddlers to meet, jam, learn, and have fun.” It’s named after the Saturday night jam session, which looks to be a large room full of (mostly) fiddlers all playing together. Here’s a sample:


Also known as: Needle Case, Needle In The Case There’s an interesting version in the Fiddler’s Companion, but this is the version from the Tractor Tavern book: Download: Compressed MusicXML Banjo tab: Download: TablEdit (tef) Videos: httpv://

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Frosty Morning

Also known as: Frosty Morn’, Cold and Frosty Morning This is mostly David Brody’s version from the Fiddler’s Fakebook: Download:┬áCompressed MusicXML Banjo tab: Download: TablEdit (tef) Videos: httpv:// httpv://

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