Month: October 2012

Tunes Played In October 2012

Tunes that were played at the October 2012 Slower Than Dirt Jam: ┬áRed Haired Boy Sandy Boys Wildwood Flower Soldier’s Joy Johnny Don’t Get Drunk Whiskey Before Breakfast Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Buffalo Gals Barlow Knife Grey Eagle

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2012/10/14

Here’s the list of what we played at the Dusty Strings jam today, as best I can remember or hear from the recording: Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark (a little faster) Buffalo Gals Cluck Old Hen Bile Them Cabbage

Little Billy Wilson

Also known as “Billy Wilson”, “Old Bill Wilson”, and “Ace of Spades”. Standard notation is available at as part of the magnificent Traditional Tune Archive. This banjo tab is based more or less on Cathy Fink’s playing in Slow