Month: July 2013

Tunes Played in July, 2013

It was a beautiful day and a bunch of folks were out of town, so thanks to John for coming out and jamming with me and Cam! Here’s what we payed: Barlowe Knife Ida Red Blackberry Blossom Boogerman Elzic’s Farewell

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2013/07/14

Tunes played at the Dusty Strings jam in July, 2013: O’Carolan’s Quarrel With the Landlady (NB: remind folks it’s in 6/8.) Spotted Pony (briefly in C, then abandoned to capo) Wind That Shakes The Barley The Fiddler’s Drunk and the

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Syncopation Palls

Presented for your entertainment and edification, something I found on the editorial page of the Seattle Daily Times from January 5, 1926, just now:   Syncopation Palls. The “oom-pah” and the syncopation of “jazz” have grown a trifle wearisome. That

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