Month: February 2014

Tunes played in February, 2014

Another great turnout this month! I believe we had three fiddles, three banjos, two ukeleles, a mandolin, a bass, and five guitars this time — we’re starting to really fill the room. These are the tunes we played: In D:

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Jamming at Folklife

After reading some gripes on the Seattle Old-Time mailing list last summer about the decline of jamming at Folklife, I contacted the organization to offer whatever help I could to encourage jamming at the festival. Because why not? Omnes mundum

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2014/02/09

Sarah was unable to make it up to the jam, due to snow and illness, so mostly who showed up today were people who didn’t get her cancellation email or facebook note. I got it, but I had to go