Month: November 2015

Tunes played in November, 2015

There was a great turnout today, possibly related to the drizzly and cold weather, or maybe Northgate is more convenient for people to get to? Maybe we should alternate. I’ll set up a poll or something. In any case, here’s

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2015/11/08

A pretty good turnout this month, including a banjo/harmonica player who was on a road trip scheduled around what jams he could make it to in the area. Fun! Here’s what we played: Boil Them Cabbage Down (A) Cripple Creek

Tunes Played in October, 2015

A small turnout this month, but it’s always great to see folks! Here’s what we played in October: Mississippi Sawyer (D) Spotted Pony (D) Red-Haired Boy (A mix) Old Joe Clark (A mix) Cripple Creek (A) Sandy Boys (A mix)

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2015/10/11

I should write up jam notes closer to when they happened, because I’m just getting around to October a month later, and I’ve forgotten the details. I still have the recording, though, so here’s what was played: St. Anne’s Reel