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May 2017 Jam

The May jam is in the meeting room of the Northeast branch of the Seattle Public Library, 6801 35th Ave NE, from 2pm to 4pm on Saturday, May 20th. Tunes from the core repertoire to be played in May are:

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International Women’s Day

(Cross-posted from Josh’s blog.) In honor of International Women’s Day, here’s a post about women who play old-time music. There’s a perception that old-time is a genre mainly for and by old white men. I’ll grant that the old-time scenes I’m

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Lily of the Valley (from Luther Davis)

I’m thinking of including this tune in the Slower Than Dirt core repertoire. It’s a lovely tune which sounds good slow, and it has a predictable structure without being boring. I think I first heard it on the podcast Get

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Tunes played in May – September, 2016

I’ve been bad about posting the list of tunes played at jams for the last few months; sorry about that! Rather than make a new post for each of them, I’m just going to do an omnibus update. May 2016

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2016/05/08

It was Mother’s Day, so turnout was a little light; thanks to Sarah and Sarah’s mom for making the trip into Seattle to host! Here’s what we played: Old Joe Clark (A) Soldier’s Joy (D) Red-Haired Boy (A) Tune of

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Folklife Participation

I’ve written a tool to display opportunities for participation at Northwest Folklife — their schedule browser (which provides all the information on my page) isn’t great at grouping things like that together, and I thought it might be nice to

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Tunes Played in March, 2016

Huh! Looks like I forgot to write up the March tunes last month. Sorry about that! It was a somewhat abbreviated session, due to another group having the room booked; thanks to all who made it out! Here’s what we

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Tunes Played in April, 2016

It’s really feeling like Spring all of a sudden. Thanks to everyone who came to the library on a beautiful day! Here’s what we played: Key of G: Rat’s Gone to Rest Off to California Red Wing Turkey in the

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2016/03/13

This jam was officially canceled due to high winds, but I figured the room would be open and there would probably be folks who didn’t see the Facebook post announcing the cancellation, so I headed down. It was interesting to

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Tunes played in February, 2016

We took a month off in January, so happy (belated) new year! Here’s what we played in February: Key of D: Soldier’s Joy Julianne Johnson Spotted Pony Arkansas Traveler Angeline the Baker Mississippi Sawyer Key of A: Old Joe Clark

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