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Anytune loop tutorial

I couldn’t quickly find a good tutorial on how to use the loop controls in Anytune, so I made a quick one. It turns out YouTube disabled their annotation tool a few months ago, which is a pain, because I’d

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International Women’s Day

(Cross-posted from Josh’s blog.) In honor of International Women’s Day, here’s a post about women who play old-time music. There’s a perception that old-time is a genre mainly for and by old white men. I’ll grant that the old-time scenes I’m

Tunes played in May – September, 2016

I’ve been bad about posting the list of tunes played at jams for the last few months; sorry about that! Rather than make a new post for each of them, I’m just going to do an omnibus update. May 2016

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2016/05/08

It was Mother’s Day, so turnout was a little light; thanks to Sarah and Sarah’s mom for making the trip into Seattle to host! Here’s what we played: Old Joe Clark (A) Soldier’s Joy (D) Red-Haired Boy (A) Tune of

Folklife Participation

I’ve written a tool to display opportunities for participation at Northwest Folklife — their schedule browser (which provides all the information on my page) isn’t great at grouping things like that together, and I thought it might be nice to

Tunes Played in March, 2016

Huh! Looks like I forgot to write up the March tunes last month. Sorry about that! It was a somewhat abbreviated session, due to another group having the room booked; thanks to all who made it out! Here’s what we

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Tunes Played in April, 2016

It’s really feeling like Spring all of a sudden. Thanks to everyone who came to the library on a beautiful day! Here’s what we played: Key of G: Rat’s Gone to Rest Off to California Red Wing Turkey in the

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2016/03/13

This jam was officially canceled due to high winds, but I figured the room would be open and there would probably be folks who didn’t see the Facebook post announcing the cancellation, so I headed down. It was interesting to

Tunes played in February, 2016

We took a month off in January, so happy (belated) new year! Here’s what we played in February: Key of D: Soldier’s Joy Julianne Johnson Spotted Pony Arkansas Traveler Angeline the Baker Mississippi Sawyer Key of A: Old Joe Clark

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2016/01/10

I forgot to post the tunes from December 2015 or January 2016 before now. I blame the holidays followed by a month with the Portland Old-Time Music Gathering and the Bellingham Folk Festival in it. Here’s what we played in January: Sarah Armstrong’s (D)