2016 Folklife Visitor Participation Opportunities

This page combines the 2016 NW Fokllife Festival schedule's listings for:

It doesn't update automatically yet, but it might later. This page gets its data from, but is not associated in any other way with, Sched and Northwest Folklife.

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Folklife Hospitality

Not included in this guide is the jamming which happens all day in the hospitality area at the southwest corner of the festival grounds, by the skate park. To get access to the hospitality area, you'll need a special button, which you can get by being a scheduled performer, volunteering, or becoming a Friend of Folklife at the $150 "Advocate" level or above. You may also be able to have a friend with a hospitality badge get you in as their plus-one. The hospitality area has free coffee and soda, inexpensive beer, light snacks, cleaner bathrooms, an information table with flyers for related events, an instrument check, and many covered places to sit and jam. If you're reading this page, you probably want to visit the hospitality area.

Friday, May 27

Saturday, May 28

Sunday, May 29

Monday, May 30

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