Month: June 2013

Tunes Played in June, 2013

Tunes played at the Slower Than Dirt Jam this afternoon: G Tunes: Tennessee Waltz Blackberry Blossom Barlow Knife Boogerman Big Scioto Rye Whiskey D Tunes: Whiskey Before Breakfast John Lover’s Gone Angeline the Baker Western Country Soldier’s Joy (in both

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2013/06/09

It was a lovely sunny day, and a smaller than usual group of us spent a few hours of it in the basement, playing these tunes: Soldier’s Joy Chinky-Pin (Too Young To Marry) Fisher’s Hornpipe Tennessee Waltz The Fiddler’s Drunk

The Blackest Crow

Also known as “As Time Draws Near” or “My Dearest Dear”. Fragments of and variations on the lyrics appear all over the place from the British isles to Alabama, set to different music, and probably this music has had many