I can’t find a recording of this tune online, so I’ll have to record it myself. Until then, here’s a MIDI version:

This is a different “Rose Waltz” than any of the ones I can find online, so I’ll have to record my own version for this page. Until then, here’s a MIDI version:

(Ignore the weird chords in the first part; I think that’s a bug in the abc-to-midi function.)

I can’t find any recordings of people playing this, so I’ll have to make my own. Until then, here’s a MIDI version:

I just updated the downloadable core repertoire tune book for the jam, its first change since mid-2017. If you use the tune book at the jam, you’ll want to download and/or print the latest version. Major changes include:

  • Removed Turkey in the Straw, Boatman, Golden Slippers, McClanahan’s March
  • Added Buffalo Girls, Clayhole Waltz, Soldier’s Return, Sweet Marie, Abe’s Retreat, Mace Bell’s Civil War March, Pretty Little Shoes, Eye of the Beholder, Freda, Rose Waltz, Wind That Shakes the Barley, Barlow Knife, Bound to Have a Little Fun, Girl I Left Behind Me, Hollow Poplar, Rat’s Gone to Rest, Susi’s Waltz
  • Replaced Johnny Don’t Get Drunk with a more “festival” version
  • Changed time signature to cut time where appropriate
  • Fixed awkward notation on multiple-ending tunes where it was just about a pick-up for the part

I also added some notes about “potatoes” to the text at the beginning.

You can download the tune book PDF at the Core Tunes page.

I’ll be rotating the new tunes into the jams over the next few months; February’s list just went out last night, and includes some of the new additions. And this will be the version of the book in use at the jams I’m leading at the Bellingham Folk Festival.

Not everybody plays this crooked, but I like it that way.

This one’s by Seattle musician David Cahn, named for his sister.

Is it “Rats” or “Rat’s”? I don’t know; I’ll have to see what Jeff Todd Titon’s book om Kentucky Fiddle Tunes says.