Core Tunes

For people who would like to practice a few tunes that they know will be played at the jam, we are assembling a core repertoire. Each month, we’ll choose some tunes from this list to be played at the next jam, and announce them on the home page, on the mailing list, and on Facebook.

Sheet music for all the tunes below can be found in the Tune Book PDF.  The current version of the book and list is dated May 25, 2017. If you have an older copy, you may want to re-download it.

Tune titles are linked to pages with youtube videos of the tune being played. They won’t necessarily be the same version that’s played at the jam, or even necessarily in the same key; it’s just a way for you to hear what the tune’s like, if you aren’t familiar with it.

Download Tune Book PDF

Key of A:

Key of A Dorian:

Key of A Mixolydian:

Key of D:

Key of G:


Revision history:

  • 2017/02/17 – Replaced Abe’s Retreat with Cold Frosty Morning.
  • 2017/04 – Little Billie Wilson is still in the book, but removed from the rotation at the jam.