Tunebook Index

This is an index of all the old-time tune books I have scanned and indexed so far. I do this so that I can import the book into forScore, the sheet music management app for iOS and MacOS. (It’ll do just fine with plain PDFs, but I wrote a tool to add the metadata automatically, rather than having to type it in painfully on the iPad keyboard for each tune.) I have some other valuable printed resources that I haven’t scanned or indexed yet, mainly because of their size. Notably, the Milliner-Koken collection is a huge hardback. I will probably never have the M-K book in forScore, alas, unless they start selling a PDF version of it.

You can use your browser’s “search” or “find” function to search this page for tune titles or composers. Current number of indexed tunes: 11,445

Here’s a direct link to the Google Spreadsheet. Please use the contact form to let me know of any typos/OCR errors or other mistakes.