Year: 2014

Tunes played in December, 2014

Cam and I were both sick in November, so if folks showed up to jam without us, I don’t know what they played. Here’s what we played in December, though: Breaking Up Christmas (A) Whiskey Before Breakfast (D) The Wind

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2014/12/14

Stuart Williams was the guest host this month, as Sarah prepared for the Puget Sound Revels. For the tune of the month, he taught “Ain’t Gonna Work on the Railroad”, from from George Jenkerson of North Dakota and Oregon. (NB:

Dusty Strings Jam, 2014/11/09

The tunes played at the Dusty Strings jam in November were: Cripple Creek (A) Britches Full of Stitches (A) Tune of the Month: Reuben’s Train (G) Soldier’s Joy (D) Bill Cheatam (A) Angeline the Baker (D) Sarah Armstrong (D) Humpback

Tunes played in October, 2014

We had an excellent banjo turnout today; I think at one point we were nearly half banjos! I think that’s awesome. And we had two instruments which hadn’t been represented at the jam before: harmonica and dulcijo. I’m really curious about

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Tunes played in September, 2014

Despite it being on a different weekend at a different library on perhaps the last beautiful weekend of the year, and my forgetting to send out a reminder until an hour before the jam, there was a good turnout this

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2014/09/14

Sarah was out sick this month, so we had a kind of informal jam with me nominally hosting. It was a gorgeous day out, so thanks to everyone who came down to the basement to jam! Here’s what we played:

Dusty Strings Jam, 2014/08/10

I came to the jam pretty much straight from the Subdued Stringband Jamboree in Bellingham, only stopping at home long enough to unload the camping gear and sluice the worst of the dust off myself, so I forgot the recorder

Dusty Strings Jam, 2014/07/13

Sarah was on her way up to Moses Lake for the Washington Old-Time Fiddlers’ Association state workshop today, so I was guest host. It was a relatively small group, thanks probably to it being in the middle of the final

Tunes played in June, 2014

It was a lovely, sunny Solstice afternoon at the Lake City library; thanks to everyone who came out! Here’s what we played: In D: Spotted Pony Needlecase Old Jack Gillie Angeline The Baker Liberty St. Anne’s Reel Fly Around My

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2014/06/08

Here are the tunes that were played at the Dusty Strings jam in June: St. Anne’s Reel Cluck Old Hen Tune of the month: Pig Ankle Rag Boggy Road to Texas Leather Britches Liberty Josephine’s Waltz Me And My Fiddle