Month: November 2013

Indian Nation

Tonight’s tune at the last session of the Fall 2013 string band class was “Indian Nation”, from Ernie Carpenter by way of Jimmy Triplett. (Download) Here’s Ernie Carpenter playing it, apparently in GDAD tuning: (Download)  

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Down In Little Egypt

Tonight’s string band tune was a C tune: “Down In Little Egypt”, from Noah Beavers (1898–1990) of ¬†Elkville, Illinois. The tune was collected from him by the Indian Creek Delta Boys in the 1970s, without a title at the time.

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Dusty Strings Jam, 2013/11/10

A huge turnout at the Dusty Strings jam today — we ended up expanding the circle out to the walls of the room, and still had some folks squeezed into the corners. The tunes we played were: Old Joe Clark

Tunes Played in November, 2013

Thanks to everyone who came out on a grey November afternoon! These are the tunes I wrote down that we played, which I’m not sure is a complete list. I’ll double-check with the recording later. In A: Old Joe Clark

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Rabbit in the Pea Patch / Rickett’s Hornpipe

Tonight’s tune from the string band class was introduced as “Rabbit in the Pea Patch, [a] version of Rickett’s Hornpipe from Melvin Wine”. At some point I have to wonder about how the folk process works with tune names. Is

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