Rabbit in the Pea Patch / Rickett’s Hornpipe

Tonight’s tune from the string band class was introduced as “Rabbit in the Pea Patch, [a] version of Rickett’s Hornpipe from Melvin Wine”. At some point I have to wonder about how the folk process works with tune names. Is this called Rabbit in the Pea Patch because that’s what Melvin Wine has always called this tune? Because there’s another fairly well-known tune called Rabbit in the Pea Patch from Uncle Dave Macon which sounds nothing like this, and I don’t see why we should overload that title when this one already has a perfectly good title going back to the 18th century: Rickett’s Hornpipe. Is it ok to speculate that Melvin just got the title wrong?

In any case, here are the Canotes and Candy Goldman playing it:


Here, for comparison, are the Skillet Lickers playing Rickett’s Hornpipe:



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