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Indian Nation

Tonight’s tune at the last session of the Fall 2013 string band class was “Indian Nation”, from Ernie Carpenter by way of Jimmy Triplett. (Download) Here’s Ernie Carpenter playing it, apparently in GDAD tuning: (Download)  

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Stonewall Jackson

Tonight’s tune from the Canote brothers’ string band class was “Stonewall Jackson”, collected by Garry Harrison from Harvey “Pappy” Taylor of Effingham, Illinois. Here are the Canotes and Candy Goldman playing it: (download) There’s a recording of the Indian Creek

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Old Mose

Tonight’s tune from the Canote brothers’ stringband class was “Old Mose”, collected by Garry Harrison from Howard Sims, of Modesto, Illinois. He had it in C, but Dan Gellert sets it in G, which is the key we learned it

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Gentleman From Virginia

I’ve started going to the Canote brothers’ stringband workshop, and will post recordings from those as a backup to the mossyroof archive. Tonight we learned a tune by North Carolina fiddler Tommy Hunter called “Gentleman From Virginia”: (download) Here’s the Foghorn Stringband

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Shove That Pig’s Foot A Little Farther In The Fire

I transcribed this version from a YouTube video (below) of The Transatlantic Sessions. The tune is led by Bruce Molsky, so I’m assuming this is his arrangement. Download: Compressed MusicXML More info on the tune can be foundd at the

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