Stonewall Jackson

Tonight’s tune from the Canote brothers’ string band class was “Stonewall Jackson”, collected by Garry Harrison from Harvey “Pappy” Taylor of Effingham, Illinois.

Here are the Canotes and Candy Goldman playing it:


There’s a recording of the Indian Creek Delta Boys playing this on FRC607, which apparently I don’t have, but I do have a copy of Garry Harrison playing it solo at home in 1982:


Garry’s B part is 4 bars long, not 8 as the Canotes play it. The Canotes extend the B part by giving the guitar a C chord towards the end of the second time through, but in the melody it’s the same phrase repeated twice (and then repeated another twice for the second time through the B part).

NB: This is a different “Stonewall Jackson” than the tune by the same name more commonly known as “Richmond Cotillion”.

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