Dusty Strings Jam, 2014/05/11

Sorry I’m late getting this post up! The Dusty Strings jam this month was on Mothers’ Day, and the turnout was a little smaller than usual, with fewer “regulars” in attendance. As a result, I think, there were a bunch of new (to this jam, anyway) tunes played. Here’s what I heard:

  • Eva’s Polka (Ievan Polkka)
  • St Anne’s Reel
  • Tune of the Month: Duck’s Eyeball
  • Emma
  • Duck River (D)
  • Marmaduke’s Hornpipe (D)
  • Road to Batoche
  • Leather Britches
  • Fisher’s Hornpipe
  • Dancing Bear
  • Wooden Nickel (D)
  • Carnival Polka
  • Ducks on the Millpond (from Emmett Lundy) (D)
  • Wild Rose of the Mountain
  • Reel de Mattawa
  • Soldier’s Joy
  • Old French
  • East Tennessee Blues
  • Boggy Road to Texas (G)
  • Frosty Morning
  • Dull Chisel (Garry Harrison)
  • Paddy on the Turnpike
  • Cluck Old Hen
  • Forked Deer
  • Year of Jubilo
  • Bon Ton Schottische
  • New Five Cent Piece

I’ll come back and update the keys for these in a bit; I just want to write them down before I forget again.

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