Dusty Strings Jam, 2015/02/08

I accidentally let the SD card in my recorder fill up, so I missed recording about half of the jam today. =/ Here’s what I know we played from the recording, plus what I remember playing that didn’t get recorded:

  • Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
  • Seamus O’Brien
  • Old Joe Clark
  • Tune of the Month: Bol Olle (Böl Olles Schottis)
  • Little Rabbit Where’s Your Mama
  • Cripple Creek
  • Flowers of Edinburgh
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  • Emma
  • Fisher’s Hornpipe
  • Ragtime Annie
  • Little Liza Jane
  • Sally Ann
  • Dry and Dusty
  • Needlecase
  • Rat’s Gone To Rest
  • Twin Sisters (Boys of Bluehill)
  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Sleeping Giant Two-Step
  • Haste to the Wedding
  • Big Sciota
  • Blackberry Blossom
  • Chinky-Pin
  • Dirty Sheets
  • Red Haired Boy
  • Angeline the Baker
  • Sandy Boys
  • Kitchen Girl
  • Britches Full of Stitches

Shoot, I know I’m forgetting at least three or four. Well, now I’ll know to check the remaining capacity on the card before I head out. (Looks like the card holds just under 50 hours; that’s good to know.)

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