Dusty Strings Jam, 2015/03/08

Tunes played at the Dusty Strings jam in March, 2015:

  • St. Anne’s Reel (D)
  • Sarah Armstrong’s (D)
  • Tune of the Month: Billy in the Lowground, from Glenn Berry (C)
  • Old Mose (C)
  • Pig Ankle Rag (D)
  • Johnny, Don’t Get Drunk (D)
  • Fisher’s Hornpipe (D)
  • Mississippi Sawyer (D)
  • Star of the County Down (Am)
  • Needle Case (D)
  • Whistling Rufus (G)
  • Devil’s Dream (A)
  • Swallowtail Jig (Em)
  • Shoot the Buffalo (Schottische) (G)
  • Bill Cheatham (A)
  • Texas (A)
  • Cluck Old Hen (A)
  • Peekaboo Waltz (D)
  • Petronella (D)
  • Cripple Creek (A)
  • Old John Tate (Land of Lincoln) (Dm)
  • Blackberry Blossom (G)
  • Soldier’s Joy (D)
  • Midnight on the Water (D)
  • Emma (Dm)

Side note: I went looking for “Shoot the Buffalo” online, since the only place I’ve heard it is the Wedgwood Alehouse jam, and last time I went looking I didn’t find anything. This time there were some search results, and I was excited to find out more about this tune. Turns out they were all links to my transcription. But I did find a book it might be in that the UW library has, so I’ll check that out tomorrow.

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