Dusty Strings Jam, 2016/05/08

It was Mother’s Day, so turnout was a little light; thanks to Sarah and Sarah’s mom for making the trip into Seattle to host! Here’s what we played:

  • Old Joe Clark (A)
  • Soldier’s Joy (D)
  • Red-Haired Boy (A)
  • Tune of the Month: Goofus
  • Pig Ankle Rag
  • Mole in the Ground
  • Temperance Reel
  • Petronella
  • Sarah Armstrong’s
  • Washington’s March
  • Cherry River Line
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast
  • Little Rabbit, Where’s Your Mama?
  • Bouchard’s Hornpipe
  • Forked Ear
  • Banks of the Ohio
  • Rakes of Kildare
  • Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
  • Midnight on the Water

(I’ll come back and add keys tomorrow.)


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