Tunes Played in May, 2013

Tunes played at the Slower Than Dirt jam in May, 2013:

  • Barlow Knife (G)
  • The Blackest Crow (A) — something to get transcribed and posted for next month
  • Arkansas Traveler (D)
  • Needle Case (D) — check the differences in the last two measures between different books
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast (D)
  • Soldier’s Joy (D)
  • Wind That Shakes The Barley (D)
  • Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine (D)
  • Western Country (D)
  • Saint Anne’s Reel (D)
  • Blackberry Blossom (G)
  • Boatman (G) — I need to find a fiddle arrangement for this; is there one in the Tractor book?
  • Red Haired Boy (A)

If there’s anything you want a copy of the sheet music or chords for, I can send you a PDF — drop me a line at

Don’t forget that next weekend is the Northwest Folklife Festival! There’s an old-time jam scheduled for 4-5pm on Sunday at the Boeing Green that I intend to bring my fiddle to. If you’re interested in a slower jam at Folklife, drop us a line (email above) and we’ll try to coordinate a guerilla jam.