Tunes Played in September, 2013

I’d mis-advertised the September jam as a week later than it actually was, plus a number of folks were out of town, so it was just me and Cam this month. Since there weren’t any other fiddlers, I decided to retune to DDAD and learn a couple of tunes I’d heard Greg and Jere Canote play on their album “Makes Its Own Gravy” (which I can’t find for sale anywhere, but if you see one you should grab it).

I picked up “Piney Ridge” first, at a much slower tempo than this:

And then Cam and I worked out an arrangement for Yell In The Shoats:


They’re both good tunes, and I think they work well with each other  as a set. And, boy, does Anytune make learning a tune by ear easier. If you have an iOS device (or, soon, a desktop Mac), I really recommend it for slowing down and looping parts of tunes for learning.

Incidentally, if you know of existing clawhammer arrangements of those tunes, let me know — I couldn’t find any on youtube.

The next jam is October 19, and I’ll try to get this one publicized a little better. Hope to see folks there!