Little Billy Wilson

Also known as “Billy Wilson”, “Old Bill Wilson”, and “Ace of Spades”.

Standard notation is available at as part of the magnificent Traditional Tune Archive.

This banjo tab is based more or less on Cathy Fink’s playing in Slow Jam for Old Time Music, but it’s not a note for note transcription. In some places I’ve simplified a little, and in other places I couldn’t quite make out the banjo line and had to fall back on ye olde Folk Process. It’s in open A tuning, which is open G capoed up a couple of frets to aEAC#E.

Download (PDF, 51KB)

Some useful chords:

A part: | A | D A | E |  A   |
        | A | D A | E | E A :|
B part: | A | A E | A | E A :|
C part: | A |  D  | A |  A   |
        | E |  D  | A | E A :|