Slow Jam, August 18, 2012

It’s the second Slower Than Dirt Old-Time Jam!

We’ve shifted the time by an hour, so it’ll be from 2-5 instead of 1-4. We’re still at the Lake City Library, though.

At the last jam, folks were interested in playing some “modal” tunes. Frosty Morning and Shady Grove were proposed, which are both in A Dorian. As we play or propose tunes, we’ll try to add them to the tune list. If you’ve got a favorite tune you know you’d like to play, please let us know, either in a comment here or on the contact page.

There’s a Facebook Event if you want to RSVP, or you can leave a comment here. Until we’re starting to get more people than the room can hold, though, it isn’t really necessary to RSVP (although it’d be nice, so we know how many snacks to bring).

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